Daily routine and time

Jazz chant on daily routine and time.

Practise talking about your daily routine with another jazz chant by Carolyn Graham . this one is a simple jazz chant about routine activities and time. It will help you memorize the essential verbs about routine.

Daily routine – Lyrics

Here’s my day. This is what I do. I get up at seven o’clock. Seven o’clock? Seven o’clock. I take a shower at seven thirty. Seven thirty? Seven thirty. I have breakfast at seven forty-five. Seven forty-five? Seven forty-five. I go to school at eight fifteen. Eight fifteen? Eight fifteen. I start classes at nine o’clock. Nine o’clock? Nine o’clock. I have lunch at one o’clock. One o’clock? One o’clock. I go home at five fifteen. Five fifteen? Five fifteen. I have dinner at seven thirty. Seven thirty? Seven thirty. I go to bed at ten forty-five. Ten forty-five? Ten forty-five. And then I start all over again.

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