Jazz Chants : Practise English

Jazz chants are great to practise English. Created for students, they are composed of rhythmical words and short phrases. They are not songs, but they are as inspiring as songs! Students practice English syntax to music thanks to jazz chants. The most famous jazz chants were created by Carolyn Graham in the 1980s.

Jazz chants to practise simple present.

The famous « Where does John live? » jazz chant is a must see to practise English in the simple present! Excellent for memorizing questions and answers in the simple past.

Here are the lyrics :

Jazz Chant by Carolyn Graham

Jazz chant on routine

A jazz chant on simple past.

Review the simple past : You can now practise questions and answers with this jazz chant. Yo can also review some irregular verbs.

Then try to create your own jazz chants with the following verbs :



Jazz chant workshop on line

 This online workshop focuses on several basic aspects of using Jazz Chants in the classroom to practise English such as: What is Jazz Chant? How to use Jazz Chants? Why do we useJazz Chants? And when do we use Jazz Chants? 

Songs to practise English.

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