Multiple intelligences

Multiple intelligences – Howard Gardner

What are the multiple intelligences?

The theory of multiple intelligences was introduced and explained by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of cognition and education at Harvard University. He determined and defined 8 different intelligences. Hence the reference to multiple intelligences.

His researches led him to break away from the standard definition of intelligence. Howard Gardner also challenged I.Q. testing, which he criticized as too narrow-minded.

Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences

  • Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence or body smart.
  • Interpersonal intelligence or people smart
  • Intrapersonal intelligence or self smart
  • Linguistic intelligence also called word smart,
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence called logic smart
  • Naturalist intelligence or nature smart
  • Musical intelligence or music smart
  • Spatial intelligence or picture smart
Multiple intelligences chart

Testing your MI. Why?

Testing your MI with a pedagogy coach will help you determine which intelligences and skills you can rely on. Furthermore, you will learn how to develop your full potential based on the analysis of your MI. If you are preparing a exam, facing cognitive issue or if you just need help for your school assessments, then a relevant analysis of your MI test will make all the difference to your achievements.

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