2021 Building a better future

Building a better future in 2021

Coaching Cécile Clavel wishes you all the best for 2021. More precisely the energy, tenacity and sincerity to build a better future. There has never been so many challenges and hope in the world. We can all make a difference.

Construire un futur meilleur en 2021

Coaching Cécile Clavel vous souhaite une excellente année 2021. Et plus précisément, l’énergie, la ténacité et la sincérité pour bâtir un futur meilleur en 2021. Nous n’avons jamais été confrontés à tant de défis et d’espoir dan ce monde. Nous pouvons tous faire la différence.

What about you? How will you contribute in your own way?

Please take moment to join in this collaborative New Year’s message.

Have a look at these English expressions. They can inspire you for 2021.

Now have a look at the translation provided above.

Une version française peut aussi vous inspirer :

Pouvez-vous maintenant vous joindre à tous nos étudiants et stagiaires pour rédiger un message collaboratif pour la nouvelle année?

Envoyer votre phrase à coaching.cecile.clavel@gmail.com

Thank you !


  • Karine Tawfik dit :

    I wish to build a momentum and use that to succeed and achieve my goals, I also wish for scientists to build a better mousetrap for a covid vaccine.

  • María LOUKA dit :

    I have many wishes for this year but the most important 3 for me are:
    1st: is for this pandemic to have an end and we all live our lives normally as the begging because no one is able to tolerate all of these changes in our lifestyles.

    2nd: is for me and my family and my beloved ones to have a good health and stay safe this

    And finally the 3rd wish is for me and my friends to have good grades in bac and make our families & friends & teachers proud of us that we achieved our goals.

  • Helali dit :

    For this new year which is open to us , I wish and I believe that it will be a greater year in which we are going to find solutions together to end this pandemic that’s taking our health and health of people that we love the most , also to find a new stability in the world and to finally build a better future with considering what happened, cause now we are opening a new page in our history and we have two solutions , to escape from the past or to learn all from it .

  • Warda yassine dit :

    I wish for this pandemic to end . I also wish to achieve my dreams and to succeed in them .

    • CLAVELCECILE dit :

      Thank you Yassine for your participation in the 2021 New Year’s collaborative message. May your wishes be granted.

  • Christine dit :

    there is still time to hope to start a new chapter for 2021. A chapter where the things that we have missed the most gradually come back in our lives: travel, dining out, leisure, culture and the simple act of to be together again. And appreciate these things with more flavor than we take them for granted.

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