Practice with Jazz chant

Practice your English with Jazz Chant

Practicing your English with jazz chants will help you to develop your English skills.

  • Improve your English pronunciation and intonation.
  • Learn more grammar and syntax.
  • Memorize easily
  • Have fun!

Jazz chant by Carolyn Graham

Carolyn Graham is the creator of great English Jazz Chant. These Jazz Chants can help you learn English.

Jazz Chant Old and New published by Oxford University Press is one a Jazz Chant book and CD for adults.


Where does John live ? He lives near the bank .

Where does he work ? He works at the bank .

When does he work ? He works all day, and he works all night, at the bank , at the bank , at the great big bank .

Where does he study ? He studies at the bank .

Where does he sleep ? He sleeps at the bank .

Why does he spend all day , all night , at the bank , at the bank ?

Because he loves his bank more than his wife and he loves his money more than his life !

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