2021 wishes- Third edition

I have nearly published all the New Year’s messages and wishes I have received so far. I finally been unable to sort them out or select the best as all your messages are truly inspiring and deserve to be read and shared. There are 3 editions so far, the first is an overview of the first and best messages received, in the second and third all messages are published for you to read, share, enjoy.

From the 13th to the 23rd of January
January 23rd 2021

I wish everyone to build bridges from the present to the future that YOU want, think you can and realise your dream. No one knows what the future has in store for us but you can choose your prospect.
I wish for my family and friends to build momentum, achieve their goals and success.
For the year 2021 I wish the world would get better, without this pandemic, especially wars to stop and reduce pollution to live in a better and more secure world.
I want this year to be the one which revolutionizes the world in a good way, brings peace and protects the Earth. – Lisa

January 22nd

The past year, 2020, has been one of the hardest, if not the hardest, that our generation has survived and got through. I wish for everyone to be a great support for each other and build a fire under your loved ones to stay safe and strong during such times and to build up a head of steam.-Andrew T. 

In 2021 I will build bridges on the family business to make it the greatest in the country. Ahmed G.

I wish this year will build bridges between every human and his dream. In this year, I hope that every person build a new  happy life, because only happy souls can make miracles. In this year, I wish to build a new beginning full of achievements and successful decisions. I hope in this that we build from scratch to the top of our dreams. Hana ELABANY

We will rebuild, reconcile and recover in every known nook of our nation, in every corner called our country our people diverse and beautiful will emerge battered and beautiful. Amanda Gorman Inauguration Poem.

January 20th

Alia S. : I hope this year is better than the last. I wish the world becomes better in all means possible and for the most part less polluted. I personally plan on playing my part and will try to help build with my friends a non profit organization from scratch that aims to help the less fortunate and homeless people. I also plan and hope to build myself a healthy and happy lifestyle where I focus on bettering myself and our environment. I plan on reducing my use of plastic and non recyclable items. Above all, I hope all the chaos and negative side effects caused by the global pandemic come to an end and that we go back to living our normal non-mask wearing, non-social distancing life!

Nour Mady : Year 2020 was difficult, exhausting, relentless and surreal. However, it was also enriching, creative and helped me understand and build a better me. That’s why my wish for 2021 is to “build a fire under”. Last year we spent most of our days stuck in our home which was mentally exhausting and stopped me from doing the many things I wished to accomplish. Therefore, for 2021 I wish for us to be filled with motivation and excitement to create new things which would benefit the people around us but also help in making 2021 a wonderful year. And, so I hope that this year would build confidence for each one of us, the confidence to create, the confidence to speak up and the confidence to take new and scary steps towards our goals without fear. I wish that we use our time efficiently as time is limited in our lives, to use it for the good of others and for our own good.  

January 19t

For a better future in 2021 I am planning to build from scratch my lifestyle. I want to stay away from technology as much as I can so that I could reflect more on my life without any distractions. Zena T.

I wish that beginning 2021 countries start to build bridges over all the problems dividing them and making them fight bloody wars in the name of growth and success 
i wish for families and friends to begin building bridges so that people really start loving each other instead of being blinded by hatred.
i  wish for everyone to start to utilize the blessings we got from corona and start building from scratch their hobbies and dreams
i wish for NEW YORK CITY  to start building mouse traps because there mouse and rats is getting out of hands and its becoming a huge problem- Phillip A

I wish for a better year , a bright and peaceful one . A year full of happiness, gatherings ,and good news . Moreover,an anti2020 .

In order to reach or achieve these dreams /goals WE (the whole world)need to build bridges .We need to think positive, build up a head of steam and work harder than ever.

We need to stay away from each other and work separately (for some time) in order to build momentum.

It won’t be easy, but it’s possible to achieve a common dream that I’m pretty sure we all share which is for this year to be a great and COVID free one. Zeina E.B

I have many wishes for this new year because we need to build from scratch, Covid-19 ruined a lot of our projects and changed our way of life : 

First : I wish that we can travel to see our family and friends without worrying about Covid-19. 

Second : I wish that 2021 will be a year full of good news after what we endured in 2020.

Third : I wish that will build a head of steam for a better future and it begins now ! We will build a fire under it, if  necessary. 

Finally, let’s hope 2021 will be a better year !  Loaï BOUDRY

My wishes for 2021 are to get good grades in my “bac” at the end of the year. I would also like to covid-19 end because it made 2020 so much worse. I also hope to get better in sports and start working out more. Youssef EG

The year 2020 has been a challenge for everyone. But you know what? We survived. We lost people who were close to our hearts, we survived. We were forced to study from home, we survived. We had to live through it all alone, we survived. We witnessed a global fatal pandemic and we survived. 

While some might call 2020 “the year of darkness”, I, myself found some light. 

What this year did best is teach us the real values of the things we thought were “normal”, the little things that we took for granted: going out with friends, going to school, hugging and kissing our loved ones, even the simplest things like shaking hands. This is the thing any other year has failed to show us.

In 2020, I learned to rely on myself, to enjoy my own company, to be more independent, to appreciate and love every little thing that I may stumble upon and to always look forward to the next step of the journey. As this year has brought me positive realizations, lessons and thoughts, it has also shown me some bad ones. So many bridges were burnt, so many friendships torn, so many relationships faded, like the saying goes: “out of sight, out of mind”, am I right?

What made me feel better was knowing I wasn’t the only one going through this, the whole world was too. 

Finally, 2020 is over. The new year is born.

In 2021, encourage yourself as I encourage you, to do better, take the lessons 2020 taught you and use them in your new year to make better decisions. Mend the broken bonds, rebuild the fallen bridges, make the first move. 

I pray for this year of 2021 to be better than the last, to bring us back in love and warmth to our normal lives amongst each other. May the virus that has taken over the world disappear and leave us all in good health, happiness and love. 

So, friends, please join me in raising your glasses to a happy new year. Mélanie KHAYAT 

January 17th

My wishes for 2021 are,to become a better football player and to recover from my injury, and also get a good grade in my bac in the end of the year, and I hope that COVID 19 ends and finally I hope that my family will be fine and safe this year. Thank you – Cherif E

My resolutions for 2021 are to get good grades in school so my parents could be proud of me and I want that end of covid-19 so all of our  lives will be back to normal and I want all my family and friends to stay happy and in good health during these hard times. Thank you – Emad Youssef

In 2021, as we are all planning on creating a better future for all, i personally will start by focusing on myself and the goals that i am planning to reach. I am willing to build up a head of steam. To be more precise, I am going to work harder, progress and be successful especially in school and in focusing on my mental and physical health. I think that everyone should do the same because in order to build a better future, everyone integrated should be sane and in good shape and health and that’s why we should all focus on ourselves first. Farida

January 16th

For 2021 i wish to pass all obstacles in my way and to never give up and settle on the highest bridges by building up my own career and having the BAC , although life could be so easy but we must try escaping all mousetraps in our ways . For 2021 i want to start from scratch and by this i mean an new life , the time when we pass from school to university . And as i move on i will try my best and move a head full of steam , and l am looking forward to cherish and get the best out if it and unforgettable by having my beloved ones by my side and to be blessed , and finally release all stress. Shad Y

For 2021, I would like to start a food bank organization from scratch. The reason why I would start a food bank organization is to help the less fortunate people with basic necessities. Also, I’d like to build a monument of Malala to honor her sacrificing her life for women rights and education. In addition, I want to focus on myself and change my lifestyle by starting to eat healthy and workout. Gilda EA

The future

Looking ahead from this pivotal year where a new stage is about to be dawning, my colleagues and I need to build a fire under to be able to achieve our future milestones. The successful attainment of our high school certificate is a milestone which will build momentum to create a better future and take right decisions. The circumstances of the Covid-19 and the online schooling make it a hard task for most of us, however seeing the end of year approaching necessitates to build up ahead of steam as we can’t make a jump standing still. The next stage in life is considered to be building from scratch in terms of a new career and a new life.  Planning ahead will certainly help us build Bridges between our ambitions and our future. 

In 2021:I want to set powerful goals and build a momentum in my life.I also wish that scientists would build a better mousetrap for the covid vaccine.Last but not least I wish for my family love, peace and happiness in everything they do and for good health. Amina A

My wishes for 2021 

I wish that in 2021 I reduce my bad habits such as but not limited to the use of air conditioners, my dependence on the use of cars and minimize the use of plastics to help save the environment from global warming, encouraging others is also one of my goals this year.
I wish that this year won’t still be damaged by the coronavirus especially for my studies, keeping in mind that I will be applying for a university this year 

I wish to build a new style of life from scratch in order to be more happy, disciplined and healthy such as working out and organise my time correctly.
I wish to donate this year more especially for shelter companies.
Finally I wish to improve my relationships with everyone starting with my family and maybe even begin new ones.  By Chris Tadros 

May this year bring us joy and happiness, here’s to making my cherished memories in 2021 whatever the new year brings i’ll achieve my goals with my family and my friends by my side I hope I have many blessings in the year that comes nights will be dark and days will be light and I wish for my family and friends to be bright , I want to begin this new year with the warmest aspiration , I would like to build my future from scratch , be more organised more independent and stress less . Jana AbouElNasr 

I decided to build my future in 2021 from scratch because I wanted to throw my past away and just focus on the futur me.

This past year,2020, wasn’t really special ,nor a good year for any of us.

I got used to many bad habits while being in quarantine such as laying in bed all day, eating whenever I’m bored, not exercising enough and even forget about my favorite hobbies that used to keep me busy and helping me survive my boring days. So quarantine has really left its trace on me and made me normalize laziness and doing absolutely nothing during the day. However this year, I decided to move forward and get ride of all these bad habits that I got used to and replacing with some good ones.

Starting with waking up earlier in the day to start a productive one and help me procrastinate less, using my free time to actually do something I enjoy like drawing, reading or even go jogging in the morning for a fresh start, which means it would also help me with doing at lest one physical activity during the day, and knowing that I’m nature smart, I feel like being outside just helps me concentrate on whatever I need to get done. 

Meaning that getting my work done will definitely improve my grades to hopefully help me get to one of the universities that I aspire getting to the most. 

So one of the thing that will flip my life this year is obviously college. A whole new experience to prepare to. Living alone or with a roommate is obviously something very different than what I’m used too, which leads to a change of routine that I’ll have to adapt myself to.

But one of the worst parts is that I’ll also have to get used to the facts  that the people that I love the most won’t surround me anymore but it’s also nice to get connect with new people.

So this year is full of new experiences, but mainly full of ways to help me focus on myself and mentality in a different way. MARIAM SHALABY

I wish to build my life from scratch this year and forget everything bad happened in 2020 and wish 2021 to be a better year and a successful one.
And hope for scientific people to be able to build a better mousetrap for covid-19 and wish this pandemic end as soon as possible, I really have faith in our scientific people . And I also wish to build a momentum to use it to achieve my goals this year and to start planning for my future. Asser OMAR

I want to be a man who builds his life from scratch and be very successful and also build a momentum that keeps me going and pushing me forward.Joseph H

To 2021

I hope this year inspires and motivates us to look for our future, build our career and have a new life. 2020 was different , full of obstacles but look at us we survived the year. Now it’s time to change and look forward to 2021 and hope that it will treat us better. We are now looking for our future and we have to build up a head of steam. I wish nothing but happiness and success for all of us. I have to say that I am also grateful for all of my friends and family, we were all together through bad and good years. I HOPE 2021 TREAT US ALL BETTER!!!! From Malak

I wish I could build a house from the scratch – Arm E

Maria L

Malak Arafat : 2021 a year of hope  : I wish I could  build a momentum and use that to help everyone achieve his goals this year.

We are facing challenges and difficulties that we will overcome only by supporting each other. Being side by side dreams will become true. 

Also I wish that covid 19 pandemic would end up and that our social life returns as before going to interesting events and family gatherings.I wish hope and faith would fill our soles and hearts  to push us live happily and peacefully.

I hope this year brings new goals, new achievements , I hope to get good grades at school because it will give me the possibility to build a future full of success and to join the university I’m wishing for. I wish to have a good year a head ,to create memories with the ones I love, to keep the bridge between my friends and I , and to build new friendships in the coming years while traveling and participating in different activities. Karma T

The year 2020 is gone with its bad and good memories, now its time for me to build a better mousetrap by rediscovering my personality and trying to find the best version of my self. I am also willing to build bridges in order to achieve my goals in dreams for 2021 that’s why i’ll build a fire under as a motivation to achieve my dreams and goals , i will also try to enjoy every moment of my life in spite of the difficulties we are currently living, even if this means that i am building from scratch. At the end , i want to wish you a happy new year full of happiness . Abdelrahman Mousa 

While reading the subject of this letter, i got lost in my head .. i started to think what is our world?  is it really ours?  do we have the right to have wishes for this world?  and then all of a sudden, I had nothing more in mind than a song that I like named « I dream of a world »

I put it on and start to think but my tears started to burn my eyes .. discovering that the singer was right saying « i dream of a world where love is the only thing we do »
yes, believe me!  he is right!  if and only if everyone knew how to love, love himself the way he is, love others, fall in love with their edges, trust me we wouldn’t even need to make wishes.
when the power of love overcomes the love of power, our world will know peace.. 
take a moment please and think with me, why is it so hard for us to love? maybe because we’re afraid? I think nobody gained anything by hating, declaring a war, being selfish, breaking someone’s heart.. If you believe in god, one of his most important requests was to love each other as he has loved us. And if you don’t, still you need to believe in the power of love, because without it you wouldn’t have been reading this letter now, do you know why?  because without this power to love and to be loved nobody can live, even the wicked they know how to love maybe they love what should not be to loved, but still they know how to love..
I wish that 2021 brings all of us together, in the name of love, all of us hand in hand for a better world, a world full of love where we can find everything we wish for.. 
I wish that this corona virus end up being a good lesson for this world, I wish that we can finally understand that there’s no difference between you and me.. we’re all humans, what define us is how we treat each other not our skin color, religion, language or political view..
we need to work together to save our planet, we’re all in this together! If we really want a better future we need to start by being a better person, because before thinking of how to change our world, we need to be that change! and yes it is ours, and even if it isn’t we’re the reason behind each and every disaster in this world, and if we don’t start taking this responsibility to fix what we broke, sadly next generations, our children will face the consequences of our mistakes.. imagine if only if we could just love the planet as we love money.. I dream of a world where love is the only thing we do!! Sara G

January 15th

For this New Year I wish for the world to be a better place. A place where people build bridges not to hurt each other but to help one another. As for me I wish to start build up a head of steam for my future by working harder in school to achieve all my dreams. One of my dreams is to build a business of my own from scratch and use it to fulfill other people’s dreams. R.A

My wish for this new year is to:

« Act hand in hand in all achievements to build a better mousetrap for the future »

 Best regards – BT

I wish to build strong bridges to pass towards the world without the pandemic for all the impacted people (from a personal or professional point of view) – Nelly 

                        MY WISHES FOR 2021

Dear 2021,

            Coming out of what is now called “The worst year”, my wishes for this year are expected to be big and unrealistic. However my wishes go from a simple ride with my friends during sunrise to a whole pandemic to end.  A year that I never thought will ever come, I am hoping for you to be as I expected years ago, although the conditions differ from what I expected, my wishes also differed. Other than a huge graduation, a small one with my family and friends will do, other than travelling with my family during the summer, a gathering will do. But this year is more than an end to a long journey it’s also a point for me to really start to build up a head of steam for my dream. I wish for an amazing start in college, I wish for an amazing summer with my friends and family, I wish for a growth of my passion in college and in my hobbies. But most importantly and considering the conditions, a positive environment among us all. 

Sincerely, one of your graduates,M.A

Here are my wishes for 2021:

     As we all know, 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, a lot of people even qualify it as “disastrous”. However, with the start of 2021, this is an opportunity to build from scratch, start anew, and build our momentum right from the start in order to guarantee everyone’s jubilation for this year. 

     In 2021, hopefully everyone will contribute to our solidarity as humans in finding a remedy for the notorious Covid-19 virus, which really put a stop to last year’s human’s ambitions. 

     In 2021, hopefully people start seeing each other again without the slightest fear, hopefully people will finally attend parties together, have fun with each other, and just enjoy each other’s company with complete serenity. 

     In 2021, as for me, I hope to start reading more books! Already started the year with one, and I’m planning on continuing the streak.

     However, I think we can all admit that this virus taught us a very important lesson, which was that we used to take our daily lives for granted. It’s insane how a pandemic made us realize that going out with people, meeting friends, going to parties, isn’t necessarily always granted. And that’s why we should treasure even more the moments we share with our friends and family! Thank you for reading! 

January 13th

In this new year, I look forward to build a fire under every colleague of mine so we could all pass our exams without any pressure upon us due to the current coronavirus circumstances. Moreover, I wish that all of us as a society have the will and power to build up a head of steam and therefore achieve all our goals together so we can build new hope from scratch. We have to support each other and take  precautions so we can gain momentum and overcome the coronavirus outbreak of which we are all suffering now. We need to stop being selfish and care for each other in order to build bridges and improve relationships,hence we’ll have a beautiful and peaceful world. In addition to my first goals, I would personally love to build a better mousetrap to my colleges applications in order to get accepted in my dream college. I hope we all spread love as much as we can  to live in a peaceful world all together,United as one.💕
Cordially,Mira Ezzeldin

I hope for this new year that I get the chance to change something in me. To find the real me and stay honest with myself and those around me. I have so many things to see, friends that are far away. I hope to see them again. And I wish that everybody else find what ever they’re looking for. RAHAM T

In the past year i practiced a lot in ballet dancing, so this will help me to build up a head of steam and entre competitions in 2021.

I wasn’t active in online classes during the period of Covid19 and I was so disappointed this helped me to build a momentum and have better grades this year.

In 2021, l am so willing to build a fire under and to turn  all my efforts in school and ballet into great achievements. Carla YOUNAN,

 I wish this year will be the year when we build bridges between different cultures, end racism and marginalization.I also wish that this year will be the one where I build up a head of steam.Marie Kamal 

In this 2021  I want to build a better mousetrap by trying to  be the best version of myself possible.I also wish to build a fire under in orderto achieve my goals and  to build up a head of steam. In spite of the difficulties we are currently living in, hope is the last thing we should lose . We have to try to continue living our life to the fullest, enjoying every moment. Even if it meansbuilding some things from scratch, life is worth living for. We are in this earth to be happy that’s why I’m sure that even in the dark times we lived in 2020 and that we will live in 2021 we can still find light in our days. Maybe this light can come from our parents or friends or maybe we should try to be the light for other people who are having a very difficult time nowadays. We should try  to separate ourselves from all the negativity and  learn from our mistakes.For this 2021 I wish that we never lose hope, that we achieve our goals and try to find happiness. Happy new year to you all❤️


i wish that we can build some unique bridges in countries where there is big views of nature so can  countries have an increase in tourism, as well as the financial economy and that everyone could enjoy their country’s nature….SEVANOULA

1- I wish 2021 builds up a new contract with Covid-19 for a better life .

2- Build up better momentum. NOUR E.

Our summer home needs renovation so my wish this year is to build my room from scratch. Jude Suidan

Everyday I wish and think about my selfish needs and desires, about having good grades , getting a new phone , buying new clothes to impress others and hanging out with friends.

2020 made me realise how self-centered and empty I was . 2020 made me see the problems in our world and made me appreciate small things I didn’t care about, it made me sympathise and pray for other beings not only my family.

In 2020 , lots of people suffered . So I wish that 2021 will be a better year for all .

I wish that every single person that lost their jobs and had financial problems because of the COVID-19 virus would get their jobs back .

I wish that everyone who suffered from anxiety and depression because of the lockdown ,to be able to live their lives normally again in 20221 . Hopefully  the vaccine will be available for everyone this year .

I wish that everyone who lost a person during this pandemic would find peace .

I wish that George Floyd’s family and every person that has been a victim of racism to never give up hope for change ! BLACK LIVES MATTER !

I wish racism would end and I am sure Kamala Harris , the new Vice President of the USA will build a head of steam to abolish racism  .

In 2020 about 500 million animals were killed by the bushfires in Australia .

I wish 2021 will be a better year for the environment and nature .

I wish all the threatened animal species to be protected from extinction .

I wish Kobe Bryant’s family to stay strong , basketball has lost its biggest legend .

I wish the Lebanese will be able to rebuild what was damaged in Beirut  after the massive explosion that killed 135 people , and left 300,000 people homeless .

I hope Lebanon comes back stronger than ever .

And finally I wish everyone a peaceful new year and I am positive that this year will be a lot better  , because the past one has taught us how important it is to care for one another under any circumstances and to combat our indifferences .

DOSS Raphael 

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