Your wishes for 2021

2nd edition

Messages and wishes from the 1st to the 12th of January 2021

Extracts of these messages can be found presented on our previous post.

January 12th

In 2021 i want to build bridges between my studying and training 

In 2021 i want to start building my business from scratch – Abdallah M.

For 2021, i would like to change many things. I wish i could pass my bac. And i wish to build my career from scratch. DANA F.

  • -I am really beginning to build up a head of steam for my education 
  • -I will build my success in communication skills from scratch 
  • -I will never skip a training 
  • -Go some place I’ve never been 
  • -Wake up early every single day, even in the weekend’s 
  • -I want to learn how to cook 
  • -I want to read more books 

TAWAKOL Mohamed 

Even though 2020 was a difficult year with the virus and the quarantine it was very special for me and for many people , with the quarantine we all discovered new things in our personality and invested in ourselves . We fought together against racism , preserved the environment , we helped each others , and the social media had positive influence and impact on people more than ever and many people became famous and made achievements . We learned a lot and fought for our beliefs and values and for a better future for us , this year made us realise the importance of a lot of things and value our simple life it’s like a turning point a pause for all of us .  
Like no other year 2020 was a year of peace , good , benevolent , believing … and I wish that it continues like that in 2021 .
To build a better future I wish that in 2021 we continue (with the virus or when the pandemic will end hopefully this year when scientists will build a better mousetrap for covid vaccine) the positive things the quarantine made us realise and do . I will personally continue to build momentum during the days of 2021 like I learned how to do it in the quarantine while discovering my interests skills and hobbies and being productive and build up a head of steam with new projects that I am passionate about and will help the world as I want to take part of the world’s better future .
And when it will be easier to travel I will travel a lot , build bridges between me and people or communities the I didn’t really know and live the experience and achieve all of my goals .  
Because the struggle in 2020 made us closer even though we were in distance . 
This year will build a fire under us to do better and do more than we already did and some built from scratch in 2020 .
I will start by that for a better future and if you all continue by that the world will become way more better. Farida Moukhtar 

To build a better world in 2021 we should:

  • Build bridges between people to support each other in this difficult time.
  • Build up ahead of steam the application of equal rights to everyone.
  • Build a fire under people to be conscious about the waste we create and change our way of consuming. Thank you. Noor Mady

I wish we could build up a head of steam to save the greenery of our planet, to recycle everything we use so that we don’t pollute our earth and save thousands of lives all around the world that suffer from air pollution. I wish people could spread awareness when needed, use their voices in favor of the greater good, care for others and not take notice of only their selfish needs. I wish that this year 2021, be filled with love, kindness, and benevolent deeds. I wish the world could build a better mousetrap and to do that we must start from scratch, work together, believing in our capabilities. I wish we could abolish all ridicule beliefs, such as racism and help others especially if they’re bullied, in depression, or even mourning. I wish we could save animals, care for them, band animal abuse or mistreatment. I wish the world all my best regards and luck, stay safe everyone and most importantly happy!  From ABDELHAFEZ Habiba 

I wish that 2021 will be different by improving myself. Also having a successful educational year. May God heals us from Covid-19 and together we will build a better futur and we will stay strong – Nathalie HANNA 

In 2021, i am willing and wishing to build bridges between the nature and me, avoiding pollution and go towards a healthy life and environment, full of happiness.Mounir elbassousy 

In 2021 , 

  • -I wish to build up some missing pieces in me so that I can find self peace 
  • -I wish to build more momentum 
  • -I wish to focus on being a good and happy person- TAYMOUR A.

For a better future in 2021 I am planning to build from scratch my lifestyle. I want to stay away from technology as much as I can so that I could reflect more on my life without any distractions. Dalida EZZELDIN  

Since the corona virus has been spreading all over the world for over a year now, making every single person fear for themselves and their loved ones, making lots of people lose their jobs, and causing for a lot of people mental health issues like panic attacks, depression and anxiety.
And since with every new year comes a new beginning, so I wish that in 2021 people would build a fire under each other and motivate each other in fighting that virus so that we can come back to living normally with no social distancing, with no fear of each other, and with no fear from the future and what it may hold to us and especially without thinking who would the virus reach next, is it gonna be a colleague, a friend, a family member or even yourself; so that the world feels safe and happy again and that life goes back to normal. Bedour ABOUELENEINE

We need to build momentum to preserve the environment. Thanks to the pandemic, people stayed home, leaving nature to rebuild itself. Therefore, the environment was able to make progress in the past year, after being polluted for such a long time. We must keep it that way and continue preserving it instead of helping its destruction. Nada GOMAA

i wish to build a multi-national company from the scratch – AHMED ASSER

I wish to improve myself in school, sports and life in general.
I wish to get good grades. When I graduate from school, I wish to go to the university of my choice.
I wish to build my career from scratch when I grow up. – Yassine Shoukry

I wish to build a bridge between cultures in 2021, I also wish to build hope into the people who lost family members from covid-19 in 2021  – Amir Ramses

I wish to build a better mousetrap in school, in the way I study, I wish to change the way I study in certain lessons to get better grades and given the circumstances we’re going through, it’s harder to cope with school and online classes.

I wish to build a fire under drawing as I want to become an architect after school, so this year I want to be more motivated to draw.

I wish to build bridges with friends and family that I don’t keep in touch with because of the global pandemic we’re going through.

I wish to build momentum in the way I train, as it is something that inspires me and helps me become a better version of myself and I hope 2021 will be full of progress, motivation and positivity.

Thank you, stay safe during these difficult times. – Alya Abdallah.

  • Build your own success from scratch
  • Build a better version of your self
  • Build of head of motivation and self fulfillment 
  • Kindness and good manners are the key
  • Reach for your wildest dreams
  • Aim for your goals
  • You’re your own type of perfect 
  • Self-love and self-empowerment are the key to mindfulness 
  • Build momentum with your consecutive winnings

Why look back to the past while you have a whole bright future ahead of you? – Ali Hafez

1-it’s time to build momentum and use it to make the world a better place 
2-this year we are gonna improve relations between people and build bridges between their differences 
3-we need to build fire under our goals/dreams and make them happen
4-2021 let us build our success from scratch 
5-we are really beginning to build up a head of steam to be the better version of ourselves


I wish to build bridges between nations so that we would have world peace ✌  Ali el keii

In 2021 I wish for the scientists to build a vaccine from scratch so we could get to our more positive life.

In 2021 I wish to build a fire under my school goal which is having better grades. Farah A.

 Lamar Elgamal :The historical year that is 2020 seemed like an obstacle on our path to our desired future. But, as the new year begins, we shall commit to building bridges leading to a new hopeful environment, where humanity is restored. 2021: Building redemption for human kind. 

In 2021, we need to build a fire under the animal extinction crisis. Hundreds of wild animals are on the brink of extinction because of human actions. Species are disappearing at more than 100 times the normal rate. Mass extinctions are caused by natural disasters (volcanoes, asteroids, etc..), but this time, it is caused by our actions and their consequences. If we don’t shine a light on this issue in 2021, we would lose a third or even half of our animal population within 30 years. Farida Asser

Hi everyone,
Today I would like to write some of my wishes to 2021.
2020 was full of consternation , it burned off a lot of people , but we can’t deny it helped us to develop. 
2020 taught us a lesson maybe even the greatest lesson to be grateful for our lives.
So my first wish is to have our normal lives back , to never hear of corona virus again.
I wish we all feel safe.
In 2021 , I wish to all of us to feel accepted.
I wish this year to put an end to racism (specifically after the mouvement of black lives matter).
I wish people this year understand that feminism is a very important mouvement not only a trend.
I wish people this year find their own pass of happiness.
I wish people to stop bullying others and stop making people insecure for no reason.
I wish we all stop caring about beauty standers and believe that everyone is beautiful in his/her own way.
In 2021 , I wish we all try to help others ,care about people around us , listen to them ,support them and I will start with myself.
I wish 2021 be only the beginning of the life we all deserve.
Finally I wish to never stop wishing , because wishing means hope!
Jana Abdelwahed , 

Hania Elkersh : I wish to become a better version of myself.
I wish for this generation to build a better future for the world.
Thank you

Ahmed fattouh  – Sentence: I want there to be space between people and nature 

In 2021:

 I wish we could build bridges of communications between us all over the world to protect our planet from distruction. 

I wish we could start from scratch to teach children healthy habits to protect themselves from viruses and diseases. 

I wish we could build a momentum of energetic, positive people who keeps smiling. 

  Thank you – Joudi Zaki 

These are some English expressions (or wishes) that I thought about and that can inspire people for 2021:
-Look up, the best is yet to come.
-Build bridges to connect humans and nature.
-Build up everything from ashes.
-Reach the sky and it’s limits.
-Create a new flame.
-Take everything to the next level.

I hope you like them!
Thank you!    
     My best regards, Maya Elkayar.

My wish is « build a lot of bridges in Alexandria – Omar Abou H.

In 2021 we need to build new standards.
In 2021 we need to build our new selves .
In 2021 we need to demolish the bridges between people.
In 2021 we need to build from scratch a new law to protect the environment and also our planets future. – Aicha badawy lfa

  • My wishes – PF
  • Build a bridge between men and nature
  • And connect to the Wood Wide Web
  • Momentum to think GLOBALLY, act INDIVIDUALLY
January 4th

 Happy New Year! My messages:

  •     « Build positive momentum. »
  •     « Build bridges between people and ideas. »


  • Build the builders !
  • Build awareness for living beings.
  • And build caring relationships.


Use my knowledge and my experience to spread hope around me each time it is possible.  


For 2021, I take several resolutions. At first, « Build bridge » in order to regain relationships that have been  stained by lockdown. Then  » build a fire under » with the objectives to meet challenges in order to build up a head of steam.

But in fact, the most important is to appreciate all the moments of daily life and not to search for the unreachable. IZV

For 2021, let’s build and rebuild bridges between people, countries, generations, animals and nature 🌳🥰😽🥂for a new and improved business model of our lives! NC

January 3rd

A charitable action : How to build bridges between wealth and need, building a fire under fraternity : Donation from MH and la Blablathèque Biligue to the Red Cross

« Fraternité avant bien des choses ! »

January 1st 2021:

If these questions could find kind and attentive and generous answers, my wishes for 2021 would be granted : 

  • Who can build a fire under freedom without becoming too self-centered?
  • When can we build momentum to design a better world without turning our goal into destructive competition?
  • How should protests against discrimination build up  ahead of steam without violence?
  • How can we build bridges between nations and all living being?
  • Why should we build from scratch when the world is still full of wonder?



  • Nadine S dit :

    2020 was truly a rollercoaster of a year, we all faced challenges that made us a lot stronger. Amidst the pandemic, the loss of many icons, the uproar of the BLM protest, the natural disasters and more, a lot of us survived and we were able to get through it.
    In 2021, i want the world to build a momentum and finally find a cure for the virus so everyone can go back to living their normal lives.
    As for me personally, i want to build a better mousetrap by improving myself academically to finally be able to graduate and achieve my future goals and build up a head of steam.

    • CLAVELCECILE dit :

      Thank you Nadine for your participation in the New Year’s collaborative message. I trust your inspiring message will pave the way to a better future.

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